Anatomy of a Song: Losing My Mind


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Let’s Start a Kickstarter!

Say one wanted to set up a Kickstarter to get John Wilson & his orchestra to record the complete “The Music Man” score - original Don Walker, et al, orchestrations; full Laurence Rosenthal dance music, no drum set brushes on “Rock Island” like in the revival recording - how would one go about that?

Because this needs to happen, even if only because of the “Marian the Librarian” dance music & the 4 clarinet parts that happen throughout.

It’s seriously one of the best Golden Era musicals. I don’t care what anyone else says.





This is so beautiful, I can’t wait for this show!

oh hey crying it’s fine omg i can’t believe this is actually happening

It’s SO GOOD. In case you’ve missed my obsession with Big Fish since at least April, let me tell you: it’s an incredible piece of theatre. If you don’t see it on Broadway you’re going to kick yourself. I already said this once before, but I walked out of the theatre feeling the same as after I saw ONCE: emotionally overwhelmed in a way that hardly ever happens to me, that rare feeling you get when you see something singularly unique, the feeling of seeing a powerful story come to life and depicted in such a way you wouldn’t think possible. (Also, the only other show, like ONCE, where I was on edge almost the entire 2nd Act - crying, almost crying, ecstatic, hopeful, holding back from standing up and yelling “This is what theatre is supposed to be like!”) It’s Lippa’s best score to date. The direction is fantastic. And if the projection designer doesn’t win all of the awards ever, life isn’t worth living anymore. Not to mention the acting and singing and orchestrations and band and everything else. Go see this show.

I could go on for hours - ask Justin or Aaron or Steven - but you can instead just search my Tumblr & Twitter for Big Fish posts. It’ll save us all all little time and spare me from getting even more worked up about this show.


Notes from the last time I did Music Man. My score is full of surprises!